NEWS: A message for all

As most of the regular competitors in the Championship would know Round 8 at Huntley didn’t end well for me this year.

Having made a small mistake on the turn in at the ‘Fork’, the back end of the Clubsport stepped out, and we left the track at considerable speed, hitting the Armco barrier.

When the car came to a stop further up the road it had substantial damage to most of the bits that keep your groceries safe and sound on the way home from Coles.

I want to thank the rescue guys who were there within a few seconds, and did a great job of both dealing with the car, and ensuring I was OK.

The medical staff were very cautious and professional, and whilst I wasn’t hurt they took their time to ensure they checked me out thoroughly before getting me out of the car.

Bob Bell and the guys were incredibly helpful as we dealt with all of the practical things that had to happen, from loading the car to sorting the paperwork.

Thanks Bob, your assistance on the day and your support as we picked up the various scattered pieces of what is more than ‘just a car’ to me meant a lot.

Also, thanks to the many people who contacted me after the accident to ensure I was OK, and to lend their support.

It meant a great deal, and is what makes the ‘Hillclimb family’ a great place to do motorsport.

Well, it took a lot more than simply ‘buffing’ to get it sorted, but the car is nearly ready to line up at Bathurst for Rnd 1. See you all there.



Geoff Brisby