NEWS: Message from the Panel Chairman: Please Read

CAMS Drug and Alcohol Policy:

Cams Drug and Alcohol policy has been around for some time and while we have not seen a lot of testing at our Hillclimbs we must not forget that CAMS through their testing group CATO are getting more and more involved in the testing for both Drugs and Alcohol.

On the 11th April 2018 CAMS have introduced a new penalty system that will be applied across all forms of motor sport. This does not only apply to a driver it applies to anyone involved with the event, pit crew, officials marshals, and testing can be done at any time.The acceptable level for Alcohol has for some time been 0.01 g/100ml , and this has not changed.

What has changed is the Penalties and how they will apply. If someone blows a reading above 0.01 they are excluded from that days competition and will be issued with an Official Warning letter. This letter will also serve as notice to the proposed penalties for any subsequent breach of the Policy.

Any participant that breaches the CAMS Policy for a second or third time will be required to serve a mandatory period of suspension [ 6 and 24 months respectively ] and undergo counselling at the participants own cost.
These changes will be applied retrospectively to anyone who already has a breach.

I encourage you to read a much more detailed account of both the Drug and the Alcohol Policies on the CAMS website. These can be found thru the attached documents.

FYI, additional information can be found at:


Ron Hay

NSW Hillclimb Championship Panel Chairman