What is Hillclimb Racing?

Hillclimbing is one of Motorsports grass roots disciplines, where you as a driver, learn to think more about your driving and the car around you. In fact, Hillclimbing is often referred to as a “Thinking Drivers” form of motor sport, and offers you all the challenges, and experiences in testing your ability and the performance of your car whilst competing against other cars in your class on a variety of tracks.

In New South Wales we currently have 12 licensed tracks specifically for Hillclimbing, and your local CAMS car club can advise you how to become involved in this form of motor sport. There is basically 3 different levels in this form of Motorsport in that you can stay with club events, compete in a State Championship or even enter in the Australian Championship.

To experience this unique form of Motorsport you need a minimal amount of equipment, a CAMS level 2 licence (see your club secretary), a roadworthy vehicle, an approved helmet, non flammable clothing that covers from neck to wrist and ankles, enclosed footwear, appropriate seatbelt & fire extinguisher.

Newcomers are encouraged to seek out experienced competitors who will be able to offer advice on how to prepare your car and, as to how you should approach the hill, it is also advisable to make sure you “Walk the Hill” so as to have an idea of what to expect when your turn comes around.

By Barry Thew – Former NSW Hillclimb Panel Member

Rob Black