REPORT: RD 2 2019 Bathurst “Mountain Straight HC”


Date: 3/3/19 | Host: BLCC

Engines barked in to life at dawn. This was the one we were REALLY excited about.

Longest on the calendar at 1.7km, it also has the highest average speed by a long way. Round 2 was the very next day at Mt Panorama, Bathurst.

This time, the course was run in the conventional anti clockwise direction. Starting mid way up Mt Straight, the course peels right into Griffins, punches up through the Cutting then across the top of Reid & Sulman finishing just before McPhillamy, the summit.

Malcolm Oastler (37.69) again proved too good for the rest and first outright, with Dean Amos (39.45) grabbing second in FL 2.0L+ and second outright. FL <0.75L went again to Steven King (49.00), while FL 0.75-1.3L consisted of Dave Morrow (50.02)

2A <1.6L was clinched by Zac LeLievre (45.30) again with his Hayabusa Clubman stretching its legs to a new class record from Neil De Pau (50.19) in the Radical.

Kevin Weeks (50.07) could utilise the Lambo’s grunt and lightening fast gearbox to good effect in 2A 4WD. 2A 1.6L+ was again won by Kendall O’Connor (50.89) with Greg Jones (53.91) second in the Clubman GSL.

James Pearson (48.43) shaved his own class record with the RX-7 from John Engisch (58.03) in the MX-5 for 2B Prod Sports 1.6L+ while in 2F Prod Sports 1.6L+, Ron Gallagher (63.17) took the win over Barrie Coady (71.69) on board the Celica.

Sports Sedans again was the scene of some great battles for supremacy. Under 1.3L was taken out by Joshua Hayes (62.32) steering the Fiat X1/9 from Louise Hayes (64.28) in the same car.

1.3-2.0L capacity class again saw David Wrightson (57.84) first with Joanne Bell (63.44) second in the “Honda marries Mini” line up.

The second largest class for SS over 3.0L engines was won again by Phil Heafey (45.13) aboard the Evo, smashing the class record, while Wayne Penrose (45.64) unfortunately found the wall at the finish line in a hefty impact for the VW beetle.

3J Improved Production 1.6L-2.0L had Gerard Gotch (57.26) victor in the 120Y, while the over 3.0L class was taken out by John Gilbert (50.30) VK Commodore from Brett Slingsby (52.52) in his VB.

Matthew Windsor (56.47) represented Historic Group Nb and lowered the class record, while again, Garry Ford (49.95) looked right at home in his potent V8 Escort in Historic Group U.

The Formula V battle was this time won by Michael Roberts (64.38) with Harold Roberts (64.45) only a whisker behind in Historic Group Va.

Darren Blake (51.41) this time got the better of Tim Blake (51.70) in Late Model Improved Production 4WD, while Chris Wier (50.14) again reigned supreme in IP non 4WD from Geoff Brisby (51.03).

Multiclub 2.0L+ saw Brandon Leggett (54.27) score one back in the VZ R8 Commodore from Greg Leggett (55.45) who was unable to answer.

Road Registered under 2.5L class again was won by Graham Orr (57.80) in his CRX, a good gap ahead of Michael Wallin (60.49) in the Celica.

The all wheel drive road registered class was again claimed by Theo Poteris (54.10) from Karen Wilson (56.62) in the Focus RS as Fastest Lady.

RR over 2.5L was a similar story to Round 1. Won by Liam O’Brien (50.53) with David Williams (51.13) valiantly thrashing the ute to catch him and stay ahead of Riley McQueen (52.00) the Fastest Junior in a well driven Commodore.

The time attack 4WD class was a much closer battle than yesterday, with Troy Nicholson (47.74) this time getting his HSV Coupe 4’s nose in front of Neville Shears (47.99) in the Black Godzilla.

What a buzz. Commitment is rewarded but also with very little room for error on this course.

It’s what a brave rev head dreams of! Efficient aero is also highly useful at such a high speed hillclimb. Dubbed by some as the best in the country.

Two down, 6 to go. There are already some hot contests shaping up for the year that will be great to follow. Again, a huge thanks must go to the dedicated team of BLCC officials and volunteers for yet another smoothly run event in very warm conditions.

Top 5 Open Wheelers: Malcolm Oastler (37.69), Dean Amos (39.45), Dean Tighe (42.09), Ron Hay (44.04), Michael Von Rappard (44.91)

Top 5 Tin Tops: Phil Heafey (45.13), Wayne Penrose (45.64), Matt Cole (46.45), Troy Nicholson (47.74) and Neville Shears (47.99)

Fastest Junior: Riley Mac Queen (52.00)

Fastest Lady: Karen Wilson (56.62)

All photos by Bill Pearson